Re: A question for RDF parser implementers - whitespace

Quoting Graham Klyne <>:

>     <geo:lat rdf:datatype=""
>      >  42.4   </geo:lat>
> then this goes to the heart of my question.  I'd expect that to treated the 
> same as:
>     <geo:lat rdf:datatype=""
>      >42.4</geo:lat>
> But I think the mere fact of being datatyped is insufficient to determine 
> the correct whitespace handling, as the xsd:string case shows.

I think it's sufficient to determine correct whitespace handling when being
processed by something that understands the datatypes.

An RDF processor that does not understand the datatypes would have to preserve
the whitespace as the more conservative choice, however if it later passed the
value and the datatype URI to a process that did understand datatypes then the
whitespace handling could be performed at that stage.

Jon Hanna
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