Re: XMP opinions?

There has been much discussion[0] about the lack of free tools for XMP; 
there is an SDK available[1], but it essentially requires Acrobat 
(full) to be on the client.

One I have used is xmpincl[2], a LaTeX package that works with pdflatex 
to include a metadata file in the PDF output. This seems to work, 
though I don't use Acrobat so I can't view the output! (It's there in 
the file, though.)

Adobe state that XMP works with a subset of RDF, and they appear to be 
doing a slight corporate thing of not reusing applicable work where 
they could (e.g. xmp:CreateDate, with a string time representation). 
However, it's nice to see that XMP exists at all, of course!



On 13 Jul 2004, at 14:27, DuCharme, Bob (LNG-CHO) wrote:

> Has anyone used Adobe's XMP much, either just to play or to 
> incorporate into a production workflow? What do you like and not like 
> about it? What tools have you used with it?
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