Re: Use of the word "should" in OWL Rec

Martin Bernauer wrote:

>>... Your 'quote' is in fact a misquote, since what 
>> you wrote as 'SHOULD' is in fact 'should'.
> ...  I don't see my
> quotation as a misquote, I just used it to emphasize what is the most 
> relevant part of the quote.

If you emphasize something in a quotation, you should indicate that
the emphasis is from you (e.g., "[emphasis mine]" or
"[emphasis added]").

(Alternatively, use a form of emphasis that isn't used anywhere in
the original (so it's obvious that it's from your quoting of the
original text and not actually from the original text).  For example,
using the surrounding-asterisks style ("... whatever *should* be ...")
when the original doesn't ever use that style makes it fairly clear
that it's your emphasis and not the original's.))


Received on Monday, 19 July 2004 11:13:06 UTC