Re: A question for RDF parser implementers - whitespace

On 9 Jul 2004, at 14:09, Graham Klyne wrote:

> Hmmm.  Let's try a test case.
> Does this:
>      <dc:title>  The trouble with spaces   </dc:title>


> RDF-entail this:
>      <dc:title rdf:datatype=""> 
>  The trouble with spaces   </dc:title>


> I think it should, but under your suggested regime I think it would 
> not.

I think the specs support Norm's regime here. Try this:

<dc:title xml:lang="en"> The trouble with spaces </dc:title>

A reasonable extension of your inference would give:

<dc:title xml:lang="en" 
rdf:datatype="">  The trouble 
with spaces   </dc:title>

But (strangely, I confess) the latter is invalid rdf: only plain 
literals can have langs.

So you either maintain the orthogonality of plain- and 
datatyped-literals, or you get a weird restriction on rdf entailments 
("...except for lang-tagged literals").

> #g


PS I'm not saying I like this partition of literals, but that's what we 

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