Re: FW: Does anyone know where can I find a vCard.xsd?

> Hi,
> Does anyone know where can I find a vCard XML Schema?
> I mean a vCard.xsd?
> I need to build a schema to validate an RDF/XML document.

I take it that from 'I mean a vCard.xsd' you mean that you know what an RDF
Schema is, and that you definitely don't want that.

Unfortunately it is probably not possible, and certainly not feasible, to write
and XML Schema that will correctly validate a general RDF/XML document using
the vCard vocabuary.

You could perhaps build a custom one for your particular needs, depending on
just what those needs are, but it wouldn't accept all valid RDF/XML vCards.

Jon Hanna
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Received on Monday, 26 July 2004 13:37:18 UTC