Possible to reduce OWL Full ontology to DL ontology automatically?

Hi RDF Interest,

Feel free to shoot me down because I'm way out of my depth here, but I
was wondering:

Would it be possible to build a tool that could take an owl full
ontology, infer a set of owl DL compatible assertions and then
remove all the non-OWL DL compatible ones?

E.g. look for use of owl:sameAs where objects are Classes/Properties,
infer the relevant equivalentClass/equivalentProperty assertions and
remove the offending owl:sameAs statements.

It strikes me that there are people wanting to express non-DL
compatible things (e.g. classes that are instances), but who might
benefit from DL tools for a subset of their data. I've read the
sentiment 'I want my schema to be DL compatible, but I want to do
this...' a couple of times now, and am wondering if it's possible to
maintain different versions of the same ontology with varying levels
of expression without having to manually maintain 3+ ontology stores.



Received on Thursday, 15 July 2004 10:40:53 UTC