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Re: names, URIs and ontologies Seth Russell (Tuesday, 31 October)

RDF Schema Explorer (Querying/Validating/Extending RDF models) Wolfram Conen (Monday, 30 October)

Redland Web Demo Dave Beckett (Friday, 27 October)

SiRPAC defect and issue tracking Art Barstow (Thursday, 26 October)

RDF <-> XLink <-> XML Schema Dan Brickley (Thursday, 26 October)

RDF and Semantic (X)HTML Sean B. Palmer (Monday, 23 October)

Hey, check out this band! travis@thirdtry.com (Monday, 23 October)

始めまして オフィス用品をお安く 小林洋文堂 (Monday, 23 October)

Trading perfection for practicality Jonas Liljegren (Sunday, 22 October)

The Wraf API Jonas Liljegren (Sunday, 22 October)

ANNOUNCE: RDF::Service 0.02 Jonas Liljegren (Sunday, 22 October)

Every property is a Class Jonas Liljegren (Friday, 20 October)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Redland 0.9.5 Dave Beckett (Friday, 20 October)

Is "Model" part of the RDF model? Arnold deVos (Friday, 20 October)

Earn $50,000 in 90 Days!! otv@dst.at (Thursday, 19 October)

Chainsaw? Graham Klyne (Wednesday, 18 October)

Variables in rdf (Re: capturing 'foreall' in a graph picture) Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN (Wednesday, 18 October)

Mozilla/HTML/RDF suggestion cay4@cornell.edu (Wednesday, 18 October)

capturing 'foreall' in a graph picture Tom Van Eetvelde (Tuesday, 17 October)

validating RDF syntax with XML Schema Lee Jonas (Tuesday, 17 October)

Namespace evolution. Jason Diamond (Monday, 16 October)

Re: [RSS-DEV] (taxonomy) use and abuse of the URI Seth Russell (Saturday, 14 October)

Redfoot 0.9.0 released James Tauber (Saturday, 14 October)

Online SiRPAC service updated Art Barstow (Friday, 13 October)

Remember: Register for the CC/PP Developers Days! Johan Hjelm (Friday, 13 October)

RE: [xtm-wg] a get-together of some RDF and TopicMap folks Miller,Eric (Thursday, 12 October)

announcement "Semantic Web" journal Guus Schreiber (Thursday, 12 October)

definition of domain Tom Van Eetvelde (Thursday, 12 October)

ANN: 4Suite 0.9.1 uche.ogbuji@fourthought.com (Thursday, 12 October)

RSS, RDF and 'better syntax': what's done, what's to do, who to do it Dan Brickley (Thursday, 12 October)

Article on 4RDF Edd Dumbill (Thursday, 12 October)

Querying Syntax Ross Judson (Wednesday, 11 October)

EU Commission: SEMANTIC WEB TECHNOLOGIES Workshop Hans-Georg Stork (Wednesday, 11 October)

RSS and RDF Bill dehOra (Tuesday, 10 October)

ANN: repat - RDF Parser Toolkit Jason Diamond (Tuesday, 10 October)

An RDF modelling engine Alex Muc (Tuesday, 10 October)

FW: RDF Matola,Tod (Monday, 9 October)

The future of the 'Semantic Web' Craig Pugsley (Monday, 9 October)

Words Brian Smith (Monday, 9 October)

A DTD for the abstract RDF model Tom Van Eetvelde (Monday, 9 October)

Knowledge and Information Systems: Vol 2 No 4 (2000) Xindong Wu (Saturday, 7 October)

RE: [RSS-DEV] Prism and RSS 1.0 Ron Daniel (Friday, 6 October)

RE: RDF An opportunity Craig Pugsley (Friday, 6 October)

Re: RDF An opportunity Irfan Shah (Friday, 6 October)

Data Model question - using a subject as a predicate David Allsopp (Thursday, 5 October)

Circular references in RDF data model David Allsopp (Thursday, 5 October)

OIL Class Expressions in RDF McBride, Brian (Wednesday, 4 October)

RE: about, rdf:ID and anonymous resources McBride, Brian (Wednesday, 4 October)

RDF and logic Tom Van Eetvelde (Wednesday, 4 October)

rdf:about, rdf:ID and anonymous resources Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN (Wednesday, 4 October)

RDF An opportunity. Colm Kennedy (Wednesday, 4 October)

Assumptions about anonymous resources Tim Serong (Wednesday, 4 October)

RE: aboutEachPrefix: possible alternative David Wagner (Monday, 2 October)

Re: range, domain: Conjunctive AND disjunctive semantics both supportable Graham Klyne (Monday, 2 October)

Re: range, domain: Conjunctive AND disjunctive semantics both supportable Graham Klyne (Monday, 2 October)

Re: Nodes and Arcs 1989-1999: WWW history and RDF (revisited jos.deroo.jd@belgium.agfa.com (Monday, 2 October)

ホームページ上で拝見致しました。 Bussiness ONE (Monday, 2 October)

Re: [RSS-DEV] Prism and RSS 1.0 Simon Cox (Monday, 2 October)

rdf:li and rdfs:subClassOf="rdfs:Container" Jason Diamond (Sunday, 1 October)

I was paid $23,625 by a complete stranger! In less than a week... omega@highnetspeed.com (Sunday, 1 October)

Re: range, domain: Conjunctive AND disjunctive semantics both supportable Jan Grant (Sunday, 1 October)

RE: RDF Namespaces and Attributes (again) Jason Diamond (Sunday, 1 October)

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