Re: RDF An opportunity

This is just to voice support for Colm's sentiment

"RDF can be open by a) hiding syntax completely from the casual user"

I feel strongly that the success of RDF depends on its take up, and that 
unless people - a lot of people - include RDF metadata with their pages then 
the whole thing loses its power. The way to encourage people to use
RDF metadata is to make it as accessible as possible, and this surely, 
becomes a design problem.

As a non-coder, I wondered if there is potential, at this early stage, to 
engage in dialogue that looks at RDF through a combination of 
user/coder/non-coder perspectives?

It's a little intimidating addressing this to people who obviously have a 
firm grasp of the detailed issues involved in RDF, so please take it easy on 
me if you think I'm off the mark here!

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Received on Friday, 6 October 2000 07:09:32 UTC