Re: Circular references in RDF data model

Ross Judson wrote:
> As Brian stated, circular references aren't really an issue for
> implementors.  It's definitely an issue for programs that use the
> implementation, though -- walking an RDF graph has to use the same rules for
> walking any type of graph structure (you need good graph walking patterns).
> We use something we call the "Tour Bus" pattern: things that want to walk
> the graph are queued up and sorted by the kind of walk they want to do.
> Every once in a while a "tour bus" leaves the station with a bunch of things
> that want the same walk (but might do different things).  The bus walks the
> "tourists" through the graph, using a "guide" (walk controller).
> RJ

Yes, directed cyclical are as valid as directed acyclical graphs, you
just need to (as a application that is reasoning with the model) be more
careful with the former.

My 0.02

Frank V. Castellucci
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Received on Thursday, 5 October 2000 10:36:03 UTC