Re: The future of the 'Semantic Web'

Irfan Shah wrote:

> I would like to support the various calls for an RDF application Interest
> group.

I too would welcome an RDF application interest group. But I dont't think it
necessarily needs to be hosted by the W3C.  Actually there already is a W3C
forum that could be utilized to fulfill that purpose but nobody seems to want to
talk in it ... maybe because it's moderated, see [4] .   I think an egroup [5]
would be a more democratic place where discussions of RDF applications might
flourish.  Another reason to use egroups rather than encourage the W3C to make a
group for us is that egroups puts the forum name in the subject of the email to
facilitate user friendly filtering.
Of course another good reason to use egoups is that all we need is to decide on
a group name and for someone to say 'Make it so!'.

   I suggest

> Basically, everyone on the Interest Group mailing list would like to see RDF
> succeed, and if possible, to contribute to that success. However, success is
> dependant on a combination of things.
> The first is that (1) it works! Obviously there are some extremely
> intelligent developers getting to the nitty gritty of this, to which the
> Interest Group e-mails bear witness.
> The second condition is that (2) it is actually USED by people.

I'd like to break that down into three essential requirements:

[1]  RDF works
[2]  User friendly tools are produced that read and write RDF
[3]  People actually USE the tools in [2]

Because I don't think people will read and write RDF.


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