Re: OIL Class Expressions in RDF

Hello Jeen,

I was not able to study your document right away due to lack of time. Anyway, I have started now

Reaching page 5, I already have some questions. Not really about OIL, but about the example
material. I drew a picture showing the subclass of hierarchy (see attachment). Here are my

   * Why would one like to state that plant is not a subclass of animal? Isn't it sufficient to
     leave out any relationship with animal? Then according to the model, these two are not related.
     I can see some sense in stating that plant is everything that is not an animal. But then, the
     modelling should not use 'subclassof' I guess.
   * Isn't the lion misplaced?
   * I have the feeling that carnivore and 'not carnivore' should be on the same 'level' in the
     hierarchy. However, 'not carnivore' is one hop away from herbivore and 'carnivore' is 2 hops
     away. This implies a difference in the hierarchy tree, or that 'not carnivore' has a higher
     abstraction level than 'carnivore'. Or am I seeing things the wrong way here?
   * When I say that class a is sublcassof b or subclassof c, what can I do with this information?
     Why would you want to model classes via an 'OR'?

That's it for now :-).



Received on Tuesday, 10 October 2000 09:37:48 UTC