Re: RDF Interest Group: mailing lists etc... (long)

At 05:02 AM 10/10/00 +0100, Dan Brickley wrote:
>It's about a year since I shut down RDF-DEV, my old list for RDF
>developers, and about a year since RDF mailing list traffic started
>taking off seriously. For the record, it's almost exactly 3 years since
>RDF was launched on the world. IMHO, www-rdf-interest has in the
>last last year proved an interesting and admirably flame-free place to
>discuss RDF apps and specs, but has tended to (a) revisit old topics
>with no closure / sense of progress, and (b) "geek out" somewhat, to
>detriment of those folk interested more in applications than

I would like to suggest that this should not be seen as a sign of 
failure.  RDF is a whole new area for a lot of people, and I think one of 
the most valuable services performed is to bring newcomers to a common 
level of understanding.

This is not, of itself, sufficient, but I do think it's necessary as a 
springboard for future development of RDF and its applications, in which I 
think we all have an interest.

(I could cite examples from other standards related activity in which there 
has been a long gestation period of little visible progress, but effective 
community building, followed by bursts of extreme productivity it terms of 
creating new specifications.)


Graham Klyne

Received on Tuesday, 10 October 2000 05:02:35 UTC