Re: [RSS-DEV] Prism and RSS 1.0

[I sent this before but its probably more relevant in this thread]

People on the group might also be interested in our profile for RDF syntax
too.  The utility industry in the US has decided to use RDF to exchange
power system models between regional transmission operators and independent
system operators.

You can find our profile of RDF syntax, our schema, and a sample data set

There is actually quite a large schema and sample population to play with.
Also,  as this could be a fairly significant application of RDF, if anyone
keeps a registry of these things they might want to add this.

Arnold deVos
Langdale Consultants

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> Hi again,
> In response to Gabe Beged-Dov's request, the
> PRISM Working Group has authorized me to send out
> our suggested profile of RDF for wider review.
> Please send any comments this list. I will take care
> of feeding the comments back to the PRISM working
> group, and notifying this list of the results of
> deliberations about the comments.
> Be aware that this profile may get more restrictive over
> time as we examine more and more sample data from our
> publishing members. PRISM's goal is to be implementable,
> so the less opportunity for ambiguity the better.
> Regards,
> Ron
>  <<RDF Profile 2.doc>>

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