Re: RDF and Semantic (X)HTML

"Sean B. Palmer" wrote:

> Hi Sigfrid,
> > Automatic or manual generation of the of data/metadata, and the costs and
> > benefits of the two is beyond the scope of RDF as well as of DC. The
> > former is about methods for defining semantics of and encoding (meta)data,
> > and the latter is a particular set of semantics.
> Well, most people use XSLT for transformations: but I was wondering how it
> can hold up to that type of generation (XHTML to RDF). Using standard XSLT
> sheets you could automatically generate a site profile on the fly(?)

I think there is about 3 approaches to getting semantics coded on our pages
(hopefully) in RDF.

1) Scraping XHTML and transforming it to RDF (which you mention above).
2) Hand editing the RDF after the fact ... perhaps using some tools from (1).
3) Writing the original content inside a Semantic Word Processor and generating
the RDF _and_ the XHTML in the process.  There is one product [1] that is pretty
close to this now.

I think all three approaches will be tried and blended, but they will converge
on (3).


Seth Russell

Received on Tuesday, 24 October 2000 11:34:33 UTC