RE: Is "Model" part of the RDF model?

Sorry, is a kind of

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>Bill dehOra wrote:
>> I'd be inclined to agree. My api thinks Model isako 
>Resource, since Models
>> can have URIs (or more likely, URNs) and it may be 
>interesting to have
>> Models containing Models or as objects and subjects of 
>Statements. But Model
>> isako Bag isn't neccessary.
>What's "isako" ?
>In MyMemory every node has a "context vector" which is used to 
>place it into
>various contexts.   Since the context vector is really just a 
>set, contexts in
>my MyMemory act just like classes.
>> My api also thinks Literal isako Resource. Having Literals 
>hanging out there
>> as dark matter doesn't make sense to me.
>I used to think just like you, but when it came to 
>implementing I placed all the
>literals in a different structure from the statements ... go figure.
>Seth Russell

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