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Betsy Skillings wrote:

> I would be interested in having a discussion with someone who might be
> exploring the possible e-commerce applications of RDF, and who could
> help us understand the applicability, or not, to us. Feel free to get in
> touch with me (see below) or reply within the list, whichever seems most
> appropriate.

Well there is  a group of  user friendly tools that will allow the Semantic
Web to flourish:

1) A tool that takes in a web page, has a dialogue with it's author, and
outputs a web page with an authentic RDF  description included.
2) A tool that has a user friendly dialogue with a designer to produce
authenticated templates for (1) above.
3) A browser plugin that allows you to navigate the Semantic Web in English
from any web page - reading the RDF descriptions produced by (1), (4), and
4) Search engines that index based on RDF meta descriptions.
5) RDF feeds (see recent suggestion by danb)
6) Personal Semantic Memory applications that read and write RDF to support
all of the above.

One must assume that there are people furiously working on this tool set.   I
expect that selling the infrastructure that allows people to find exactly
what they're looking for, will become the next e-commerce boom.

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