Re: RDF and Semantic (X)HTML

> I think there is about 3 approaches to getting semantics coded on our
> (hopefully) in RDF.
> 1) Scraping XHTML and transforming it to RDF (which you mention above).

I didn't mean we scrap XHTML, just compliment it with RDF: we can link it
all together when (hopefully) the HTML WG develop a Schema version of XHTML.
We could transform it and then use the RDF with it...

> 2) Hand editing the RDF after the fact ... perhaps using some tools from
> 3) Writing the original content inside a Semantic Word Processor and
> the RDF _and_ the XHTML in the process.
Ideal solution. As the Web was envisaged, they thught that no-one would be
viewing the source, or writing it: it would all be done automatically. Now
maybe that dream will have to be realized, as the system becomes so complex.

> There is one product [1] that is pretty close to this now.
I'll check it out - thanks for the tip.

> I think all three approaches will be tried and blended, but they will
> on (3).
I sure hope so.

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Received on Wednesday, 25 October 2000 06:31:54 UTC