Re: When?

William Loughborough wrote:

> Is there a time line for severing the Gordian Knot that seems to be keeping
> widespread implementation of RDF from the armamentaria (that's old-geek for
> "toolbox") of Web authors.

The time is now!  The W3C has already recommended RDF, I don't
understand what additional signal your waiting for.  These things are
not decided by anyone (even Tim Berners-Lee)  saying anything at all. 
They are decided by somebody making a tool that works well and becomes
widely used.  I proposed one such tool in [1]  and another in [2] and
am chugging away on a similar tool dubbed MyMemory which will
read/write/remember RDF and index your documents.  If anyone wants to
collaborate on developing this, please send me a private email.


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Received on Tuesday, 17 October 2000 16:35:34 UTC