Online SiRPAC service updated

The W3C's online SiRPAC service:


has been updated.  The primary visual difference is that GraphViz: 


is used to display a graph of the model.

The source and class files used to build this version of SiRPAC 
and its API are available as version 1.15:


The sources are also available in the via the W3C's CVS:


  [Note that version 1.15 uses the subdirectories of .../rdf/ and NOT
   the (now obsolete) source files in [4].]

The most significant changes since the W3C's 1.14 release of SiRPAC are
the adoption of Sergey Melnik's work: class (and filename) hierarchy, API
and bug fixes:


Among the changes from Sergey's 2000-09-03 release are:

 o Removed experimental features (e.g. UML, order by reification)
 o Removed the edu.stanford classes
 o General code cleanup
 o Moved classes in org/w3c/tools/{crypt,sort} to org/w3c/rdf/tools/{crypt,sort}
 o Added some command line options to SiRPAC to toggle some functionality
   that used to require re-compiling

If you book-marked the old service, please change it [1].
Arthur Barstow
MIT: +1-617-253-7697

Received on Friday, 13 October 2000 17:41:18 UTC