Is there a time line for severing the Gordian Knot that seems to be keeping 
widespread implementation of RDF from the armamentaria (that's old-geek for 
"toolbox") of Web authors.

When I was in Bristol (sorry to miss Danbrick) I found that just about 
everybody felt that this project is enmired in some sort of "academic 

As I just got "XHTML strict" logo entitlement it seemed to me that the old 
metadata methods should be made obsolete by some template that would have 
enabled me to provide rudimentary "who, when, what", etc. data about my 
data - preferably in some RDF-centric fashion. Is this whole thing a plan, 
a dream, a fantasy, a nightmare?

When can somebody who doesn't speak C++, Xwhatever, or some arcane xxML 
expect to have indexing tools? How many more trillions of bytes will go 
unindexed before somebody rules the syntax/schema/parser world is adequate?

Tim Berners-Lee - are you there? Help!!!


Received on Tuesday, 17 October 2000 12:25:17 UTC