ANN: repat - RDF Parser Toolkit

I'd like to announce the preview release of an open source RDF Parser
written in ANSI C.

The parser, dubbed repat since both its interface and implementation is
based on James Clark's expat, is available for download from my website at

While the parser is not quite ready for prime time, it does--to the best of
my knowledge--correctly parse all of the examples in the RDF M&S. I'm
looking for feedback on its usability and also on its stability. I'm hoping
that it will compile on platforms other than my own (Windows) without any

In order to correctly handle all of the examples from the M&S, I took the
liberty of "enhancing" the syntax described therein but not strictly
prescribed to by its authors. The syntax is much more flexible and--in my
opinion--more internally consistent. For example, I've removed the somewhat
arbitrary restrictions placed on container descriptions and rdf:li elements
which can now contain embedded resources as objects.

The link above gives a brief overview of how the parser works and also
details my list of issues with the syntax and how I resolved them (these are
mostly rehashes of several of my messages to the list).

I'm looking forward to your comments, criticisms, and patches. :-)

Thank you for your time,
Jason Diamond.

Received on Monday, 9 October 2000 23:43:31 UTC