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(taxonomy) use and abuse of the URI

[RSS-DEV] (taxonomy) use and abuse of the URI

[RSS-DEV] Prism and RSS 1.0

[xtm-wg] a get-together of some RDF and TopicMap folks

A DTD for the abstract RDF model

about, rdf:ID and anonymous resources

aboutEachPrefix: possible alternative

An RDF modelling engine

ANN: 4Suite 0.9.1

ANN: repat - RDF Parser Toolkit

ANNOUNCE: RDF::Service 0.02

announcement "Semantic Web" journal

ANNOUNCEMENT: Redland 0.9.5

Article on 4RDF

Assumptions about anonymous resources

capturing 'foreall' in a graph picture


Circular references in RDF data model

Conceptual graphs: was: Is "Model" part of the RDF model?

Data Model question - using a subject as a predicate

definition of domain

Earn $50,000 in 90 Days!!


Every property is a Class

Hey, check out this band!

I was paid $23,625 by a complete stranger! In less than a week...

Is "Model" part of the RDF model?

Knowledge and Information Systems: Vol 2 No 4 (2000)

Mozilla/HTML/RDF suggestion

names, URIs and ontologies

Namespace evolution.

Nodes and Arcs 1989-1999: WWW history and RDF (revisited

OIL Class Expressions in RDF

Online SiRPAC service updated

Querying Syntax

range, domain: Conjunctive AND disjunctive semantics both supportable


RDF <-> XLink <-> XML Schema

RDF An opportunity

RDF An opportunity.

RDF and logic

RDF and Semantic (X)HTML

RDF Interest Group: mailing lists etc... (long)

RDF Namespaces and Attributes (again)

RDF Schema Explorer (Querying/Validating/Extending RDF models)

rdf:about, rdf:ID and anonymous resources

rdf:li and rdfs:subClassOf="rdfs:Container"

Redfoot 0.9.0 released

Redland Web Demo

Remember: Register for the CC/PP Developers Days!

Resources describing RDF


RSS, RDF and 'better syntax': what's done, what's to do, who to do it

SiRPAC defect and issue tracking

The future of the 'Semantic Web'

The Wraf API

Trading perfection for practicality

validating RDF syntax with XML Schema

Variables in rdf (Re: capturing 'foreall' in a graph picture)




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