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Thank you. No intrusion on the core intent of this list intended.  Betsy

>>> Bill dehOra <> 10/06 10:10 AM >>>
Maybe A place to gather and hear use cases for
the stuff as opposed to the stuff itself. Or failing that, egroups.

Danbri, thoughts?

-Bill de hÓra

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>Subject: RE: RDF An opportunity
>I think we've opened a can of worms here. Wouldn't it be an interesting
>reflection of the times if we had to move these discussions to an
>'rdf-interest-applications' interest list!!
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>I am pleased to see this last exchange. 
>I work as Content Architect for a large business-to-consumer e-commerce
>site, and am responsible for, among other things, building and assuring
>the integrity of attribtute and metadata schemes we use as we bring in
>an enterprise Asset Repository, Content/Workflow Management and evolve
>our Dynamic Publishing and Personalization tools. I work closely with
>our IT application and data architects to assure the customer 
>on the site meets customer and business goals.
>So, I am not a skilled coder, but I am motivated to assure that
> appropriate leverages these new tools. We would like to
>support a standard, if it exists, so I have been "listening" to this
>list trying to determine if we should move ahead in any one 
>direction or
>implement a system that simply makes sense to us at this point
>I would be interested in having a discussion with someone who might be
>exploring the possible e-commerce applications of RDF, and who could
>help us understand the applicability, or not, to us. Feel free 
>to get in
>touch with me (see below) or reply within the list, whichever 
>seems most
>Thanks for bearing with the long message. Any thoughts for me?
>Betsy Skillings
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>>>> Charles McCathieNevile <> 10/06 7:13 AM >>>
>I support the sentiment. The ability to use gaphic tools to generate
>and read
>RDF (after all, arcs and nodes are a metaphor that translate well to
>graphics...) seems likely to be very helpful in this context.
>I think it is extremely important to look at use cases and how they
>will work
>both for the highly motivated coding types who frequent lists like
>this, and
>the unmotivated and unskilled people who are actually producing the
>for the web. That group makes a lot of difference to wheter something
>widely deployed or not.
>Charles McCN
>On Fri, 6 Oct 2000, Irfan Shah wrote:
>  This is just to voice support for Colm's sentiment
>  "RDF can be open by a) hiding syntax completely from the casual
>  I feel strongly that the success of RDF depends on its take up, and
>  unless people - a lot of people - include RDF metadata with their
>pages then 
>  the whole thing loses its power. The way to encourage people to use
>  RDF metadata is to make it as accessible as possible, and this
>  becomes a design problem.
>  As a non-coder, I wondered if there is potential, at this early
>stage, to 
>  engage in dialogue that looks at RDF through a combination of 
>  user/coder/non-coder perspectives?
>  It's a little intimidating addressing this to people who obviously
>have a 
>  firm grasp of the detailed issues involved in RDF, so please take it
>easy on 
>  me if you think I'm off the mark here!
>  Irfan
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