Re: Conceptual graphs: was: Is "Model" part of the RDF model?

We have proposed a mapping between RDF(S) and Conceptual Graphs (CG), available
in the proceedings of ICCS 2000 (Darmstadt, August 2000).
We map RDFS resource class and property types onto CG support (resp to
Concept and Relation types) and RDF statements on CG.
We then exploit the projection operation to query the RDF/CG base.
The projection takes advantage of the resource and property
hierarchies in order to find specializations of given types.

Surprisingly, we can  use RDF itself as a query language because as RDF
statements are translated into CG, an RDF query statement is
translated into a CG query. 

We have developped a prototype, called Corese, with F. Southey's Notio CG 
platform and
ICS Forth VRP RDF parser.
A Web page is available at :

The Corese engine hence enables to query an RDF metadata base and to
find appropriate documents annotated by these metadata.

Olivier Corby

Olivier Corby, Acacia project, INRIA Sophia Antipolis
email : tel : +33 4 92 38 78 71

Received on Thursday, 26 October 2000 14:16:32 UTC