Re: Is "Model" part of the RDF model?

"McBride, Brian" <> writes:

> A good question.  I think the current situation is as you say
> that model is not part of the the RDF Model.

I think of the RDF as building blocks for creating new concepts.  The
RDFS schema is an important extension to RDF and itself described in

But that is only the beginning.  There will (hopefully) be countless
more schemas, adding new concepts in every conceivable domain.

I have mentioned (in the Wraf mailinglist) the areas of modelling
trust, preferences, versioning, presentation, queries and more.  Each
of them introduce new concepts.

Every statement exists in a context.  You want to know who the stater
is and when it was stated.  A document with RDF in XML serialization
can be viewd as a unity with a common source and created in the same

We only have to create the class Model and make it a subClassOf
Container.  Nothing strange about that.

The Model class should be placed in a schema that we all can use in
the intrest of higher operability.

But there is no need to extend the existing schemas.  RDF was built to
grow.  And grow it will, with lots and lots of new schemas.

The new classes currently used in Wraf are:

  wraf:Service    -   Holds data about _your_ session with the server

  wraf:Interface  -   The gateway to accessing models, used by the service

  wraf:Model      -   A collection of statements

  wraf:Selection  -   A collection of resources, returned from a query

More to come later...  The Second alpha will be announced within a few

/ Jonas Liljegren

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Received on Friday, 20 October 2000 14:00:01 UTC