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amaya 2.4 - troubles on Alpha Michal Jaegermann (Tuesday, 28 December)

Compiling in Win98 with Visual C++ 5.0 David Yang (Wednesday, 29 December)

Num lock Martin SkjŲldebrand (Wednesday, 29 December)

image problem mark wilson (Tuesday, 28 December)

Some of the many bugs Andreas K. Foerster (Tuesday, 28 December)

multikey on Unix ciosmuil@dada.it (Friday, 24 December)

Anomalous behaviour of Amaya and Jigsaw Alan Kotok (Thursday, 23 December)

Amaya 2.4 for Windows Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Thursday, 23 December)

multikey mark wilson (Wednesday, 22 December)

ISO-Latin 1 as default encoding Serge Torres (Wednesday, 22 December)

XML capabilities? Marc Rubin, Jay's Island Software Development & Consulting (Tuesday, 21 December)

naming conventions John Russell (Tuesday, 21 December)

256/tru color on win 95 John Russell (Tuesday, 21 December)

Why does it hate me? Martin SkjŲldebrand (Tuesday, 21 December)

colors and boxes John Russell (Tuesday, 21 December)

Ctrl-Return Serge Torres (Tuesday, 21 December)

wishlist: FTP and Mailto Charles McCathieNevile (Monday, 20 December)

How to get floating images? Sebastian Horch (Monday, 20 December)

Bug? in 2.4 Alan Kotok (Friday, 17 December)

Out-of-order <A NAME="Top"> confuses Amaya bglbv@my-deja.com (Sunday, 19 December)

stylesheets inconsistancy John Russell (Saturday, 18 December)

[Announcement] Amaya 2.4 Irene VATTON (Friday, 17 December)

bug report or my misunderstanding Karel Volny (Tuesday, 7 December)

Amaya and NT servicepack 6 Adrie Kooijman (Tuesday, 14 December)

charset? Jeffrey Hsu (Monday, 13 December)

waiting for nobody's lock Ronald Rechenmacher (Wednesday, 8 December)

display problem with HR inside H2 Adam Ambrose (Wednesday, 8 December)

problem w/ portuguese keyboard Josť Magalh„es Cruz (Wednesday, 8 December)

losing attributes on table cells Wendy A Chisholm (Monday, 6 December)

bug report s@m (Monday, 6 December)

compilation problem on DEC Alpha devon prichard (Thursday, 2 December)

Can Amaya validate the document? zuoli (Friday, 3 December)

Just tried it. Aaron Leventhal (Thursday, 2 December)

Which Win32 compiler? Yan FITTERER (Thursday, 2 December)

Re: Make Book directory bug? - Yan FITTERER (Thursday, 2 December)

Make Book directory bug? Yan FITTERER (Wednesday, 1 December)

WebWasher, Amaya 2.2: Proxy Problem Sebastian Horch (Wednesday, 1 December)

Amaya Dave Patarroyo (Friday, 26 November)

Re: [Moderator Action] RE: Java support in Amaya Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Friday, 19 November)

Amaya and Windows 95/98 Serge Torres (Wednesday, 17 November)

using "make book" in batch mode? Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Tuesday, 16 November)

Problems with Make Book Yan FITTERER (Monday, 15 November)

Meta data Christian Czech (Saturday, 13 November)

memory leak Ian Ralston (Friday, 12 November)

inappropriate field sizes in "Open document" dialog box Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Friday, 12 November)

yet another problem with the <col> tag Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Friday, 12 November)

problem with <col> Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Thursday, 11 November)

valign attribute on table row not taken into account for display Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Tuesday, 9 November)

strange overwrite of characters in table cells Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Tuesday, 9 November)

Re: [Moderator Action] extra paragraphs on return Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Monday, 8 November)

can't activate links Norm Matloff (Saturday, 6 November)

Resource leak Paul White (Thursday, 4 November)

XFree86 3.3.5/Metrolink Motif 2.1.2 patch for Amaya 2.2 Sam (Wednesday, 3 November)

cannot open remote documents with Amaya 2.2 Solaris 2.5 + 2.6 Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Tuesday, 2 November)

color bug in Amaya 2.2 Win98 + Solaris 2.5 Bertrand.Ibrahim@cui.unige.ch (Tuesday, 2 November)

Disabling/enabling styles bug Charles McCathieNevile (Wednesday, 27 October)

Amaya 2.2 and Windows Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Wednesday, 27 October)

Re: amaya 2.2 Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Wednesday, 27 October)

Amaya 2.2 and Windows Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Wednesday, 27 October)

Amaya 2.2 for SGI Roy Platon (Wednesday, 27 October)

New release Serge Torres (Wednesday, 27 October)

Undo Bug Charles McCathieNevile (Wednesday, 27 October)

Bad links on source distribution page Don Croyle (Tuesday, 26 October)

transparent background gifs John Russell (Saturday, 2 October)

Problem with amaya v2.2 binary under AIX 4.1.4 Jens Schleusener (Tuesday, 26 October)

Automating "make book" Sandy Harris (Tuesday, 26 October)

[Announcement] Amaya 2.2 public release Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Tuesday, 26 October)

next version John Russell (Friday, 22 October)

Use of Amaya Sanjay (Thursday, 21 October)

Question about display of a page in Amaya vs IE5 ichriste@primeline.net (Wednesday, 20 October)

new version coming ! John Russell (Wednesday, 20 October)

It just won't go Coder (Monday, 18 October)

Glitches browsing existing HTML Sandy Harris (Sunday, 17 October)

New mailing list for Amaya Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr (Wednesday, 13 October)

Inserting links Martin SkjŲldebrand (Monday, 11 October)

Can't type anything in any address field. Vincent-Olivier Arsenault (Friday, 8 October)

Building Amaya under NT Lisa Golden (Wednesday, 6 October)

prevent deletion of text units around form input element Ly, An (Wednesday, 6 October)

remove Robert Baril (Wednesday, 6 October)

remove OJRNICKD@aol.com (Tuesday, 5 October)

[FYI] How to get off this list jose.kahan@w3.org (Tuesday, 5 October)

remove Donald Bock (Tuesday, 5 October)

Compile failure J. David Eisenberg (Tuesday, 5 October)

interpretation of AbRealShape Ly, An (Monday, 4 October)

more on standards John Russell (Saturday, 2 October)

further on standards John Russell (Friday, 1 October)

standards John Russell (Friday, 1 October)

Re: Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 1 October)

HTML parser Hima Vadlamudi (Friday, 1 October)

[www-amaya] <none> Abel (Friday, 1 October)

making MAP with block content Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 1 October)

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