Re: Glitches browsing existing HTML

The smal piece of HTML code included in your message displays correctly
in Amaya.  I just checked.  I suspect that something is wrong elsewhere
in your file.  The first letter of a paragraph may disappear in Amaya
when that paragraph is within a block-level element.  Could you check?

To check your HTML file, you can consider validating it with:

Blockquote is definitely in HTML 4. So, if you also have troubles with
blockquote, it may be because you use these tags in a wrong context.
Again, validating the document may help.


Sandy Harris  wrote:
> I'm starting to use Amaya (2.1 on Win 98) to browse some HTML files I
> wrote. The files work fine under Netscape, Lynx, and MS-IE, but with
> Amaya I'm seeing some oddities.
> <h1>whatever</h1>
> Start a para ....
> <p>
> Another para...
> <p>
> And another....
> Everything else displays OK, but the first paragraph skips the 'S' and
> displays as:
> tart a para....
> This occurs consistently after all my h[1-4] tags, but all the 'A's in
> later paragraphs, coming after <p>, are displayed just fine.
> Is this just Amaya being strict about some tag I should be inserting
> after </h1>, or is it a bug?
> Amaya also ignores my <blockquote></blockquote> tags, I presume
> because these are not in HTML 4. Can someone tell me what to use
> instead?

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