color bug in Amaya 2.2 Win98 + Solaris 2.5

In both Windows 98 and Solaris 2.5 versions of Amaya 2.2, the document in is not displayed correctly. The
style sheet ( specifies that links should 
be displayed in blue if unvisited, and in red if visited, with the following

A:link { color: blue }
A:visited { color: red }
A:active { color: green }

But Amaya displays all the links in yellow. I wonder if it is because I have
other rules that apply to links within H1 headers:

H1 A:link { color: yellow }
H1 A:visited { color: red }
H1 A:active { color: lime }

Is there something I am doing wrong?


Bertrand Ibrahim.

Received on Tuesday, 2 November 1999 16:39:05 UTC