for a standard to be accepted:
[1] any ambiguity in the specification should be clarified by the
     defining committee. Future specifications should include the 
[2] organizations that state that they are accepting and complying
     with the standard should be coerced by the defining committee 
     to either truly comply or stop advertising compliance.
i have a small example in my test area (check navbar) of my homepage
that illustrates a property that is interpreted differently by amaya and
netscape --- which is correct (i hope netscape) and should not the other
be informed of non-compliance.  the property reads something like
   BODY { background: URL("ivy.gif") white }
netscape does both, uses the parchment and sets the general backgrnd
to  white....... amaya does the parchment but leaves the color at the
browser default..... [you can see why i prefer netscape]  
1] what is specification when two valid arguments exist
2] which browser is non-complient
3] any way of getting them to comply
am in process of getting iexplore to see their take  and will reverse args
to see what happens on each browser .....  
but i thought the whole point was to get to the level where code would 
be interpreted relatively the same on all browsers......
3.2 methodology was actually more consistant here....

john russell  VE3LL@RAC.CA


Received on Friday, 1 October 1999 17:38:58 UTC