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> I must send this message from _Windows so i am unable to double check the
> line '
> i believe it is "ENABLE_MULTIKEY= "
> in any case it is missing from the .thotrc file in the 2.4 release.
> I typed it in myself, including "=yes", and the function works fine.


That's right the multi-key is available only when there is an entry 
"ENABLE_MULTIKEY=yes" in a configuration file.
The file Amaya\config\win-thot.rc gives the default configuration for
windows platforms and the file Amaya\users\$name\thot.rc gives the
specific configuration for the user $name.

The normal way to build your specific configuration file is to select
your preferences in the menu Special->Preferences.
For example "ENABLE_MULTIKEY=yes" is set by clicking 


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