Re: inappropriate field sizes in "Open document" dialog box

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> Hi,
> when I select the File/Open document... menu item while the current document
> is a remote document, the "Directories" and "Files" lists are empty and 
> therefore are displayed with a minimal width. If I then type in the Address
> field a local directory path and click on the "Filter" button, the 
> "Directories" and "Files" lists are updated to reflect the content of the
> given directory, but their width remains the same as before, that is, minimal,
> making them pretty much unusable (see image attached to this message).
> This is with Amaya 2.2 for Solaris 2.5.
> Peace,
> Bertrand Ibrahim

This is a Motif bug. The only solution I see is to switch to GTK. We're 
working on that.

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