Re: HTML parser

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> I am trying to use the HTML parser of Amaya.
> (compiled html2thot.c in STANDALONE mode).
> I've parsed an HTML file into a Document.
> I then try to save the document back to another HTML file using
> TtaExportDocument(Document doc, char* fileName, "HTMLT");
> (The last parameter is either "HTMLT" or "HTMLT.TRA".
> I am sending the mail from my NT boot and my development
> env is in my Linux boot and I need to reboot into Linux
> to know exactly which. Anyway, I got the value by looking at
> the code in HTMLSave.c file)
> The resulting HTML file is nothing like the original HTML file.
> It lost its TITLE  and the BODY.
> What am I doing wrong here?
> Thanks
> Hima

We didn't test the standalone version of the Amaya HTML parser for a while
but there is no reason for not generating the TITLE and the BODY if they
are there in the original document.
An extra-code in Amaya adds these elements if they are not present. Perhaps you
need to add part of that extra-code.

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