Re: New release

Me too.

There are some very cool features in the new version - the Alt-Return Key to
activate links and form controls, and the fact that you can always have a
focus in a window now.

The source editing thing is quite cool. There are not many times when I have
wanted that feature, since I learned how to use the structure view, but I
guess I will use it more now that I have it ;-)

Charles McCN

On Wed, 27 Oct 1999, Serge Torres wrote:

  Before the usual (and legitimate) rush of "this_is_buggy and miss_this_feature" start, as after every new relase, I just wanted to thank and congratulate the Amaya team.
  My preliminary tests on Windows 98 with release 2.2 showed big improvements in many aspects. I keep the "does_not_work_so_good" for another day.
  Serge Torres

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