How to get floating images?

How do I get Amaya to display floating images (either to the left or to
the right) with text running around?

I tried the "old" ALIGN command as well as CSS as explained in
"" - none works.  I even
tried to combine both (see below).  It doesn't work.  Instead, ALL
images are floated to the LEFT and only the first line of text is
displayed to the right, while the remaining text goes below the image.

Here is the code I tried:

	In the CSS file

	IMG.Left { float: left }
	IMG.Right { float: right }

	In the HTML file

	<IMG class="Right" align=right SRC="..."  ALT="..."
	 height=300 width=256 HSPACE=25>
	Here comes the running text...

	<IMG class="Left" align=left SRC="..." height=472
	 width=500 ALT="...">
	Here comes the running text...

I am using Amaya 2.4 under Windows NT4 - but the same problems happen
under Amaya 2.2 as well.

Anyone who could help me?


Sebastian Horch

Received on Monday, 20 December 1999 06:01:43 UTC