Re: HTML parser

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> Thanks for the response Irene.
> I  resolved this problem a couple of days back but hadn't got around
> to letting you know. The placement of the compilation directive
> (STANDALONE) in html2thot.c is wrong.  The HTML file is not
> parsed correctly into the document.
> I will send you the modifications I made as soon as I can
> spare a moment (probably tomorrow).

OK I'll integrate your modifications.

> Also, the HTML parser in standalone mode should only need
> libThotKernel and libz. However, libThotKernel as it is built
> using the makefile in 'Amaya/obj/thotlib' does not allow this.
> Some of the object files (*.o) had to be changed to (*ND.o)
> by the appropriate insertion of the 'NODISPLAY' compilation
> directive in the source code.

Is your proposal to force the building of the libThotKernel in the
"make html2piv"?


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