Re: Problème compiling

Hello Jean Raymond,

The problem you have is more related to libwww and its use of SOCKS5
than to Amaya.

I propose you forward your problem to the mailing list.

I've not yet done any SOCKS programming, but you have pinpointed the
problem quite well. I'd say that the solution would just be to
remove the fclose from the wwwsys.h file and try to compile again.
I don't think that a fclose is related to sockets anyway :)

Could you try it and report back to either this list or www-lib?

I have some Amaya and libwww tips for you, though ...

Did you get your libwww from w3c's CVS repository using the Amaya tag?

If not, you'll have other problems when making the link edition. I changed
some functions in libwww, but haven't yet commited them to the principal
tree. I'll mail a more explicit message to the list later. The files
are HTMIME.c HTCache.c HTReqMan.c HTCache.html HTReqMan.html HTReq.html
and are available on the libwww CVS base (Amaya tag).

For this release, I modified the libwww portion of the Amaya makefile so 
that it links directly to the libwww's .libs directories. I didn't make much 
progress to allow you define another libwww directory or handle it some 
options, though. 

So, if you're using another libwww than ours, you'll need to either
name it libwww (or make symlink named like that) or modify the
~/Amaya/ and ~/Amaya/amaya/Makefile.libwww files to make
them point to the correct location of libwww (2-3 lines to modify).


Hope this helps you!



Received on Thursday, 28 October 1999 12:03:04 UTC