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> MAP is allowed to have block content in HTML 4.0, and I am wondering wht
> needs to be changed to make it work in Amaya
> I guess that the HTML.S needs change. Now it has MAP as 
>   LIST Of (AREA)
> and that should be AREA, Block

I know that new MAP specification of HTML 4.0 and the new proposed updates
in HTML 4.01.
In Amaya we didn't do anything around MAPs, firstly by lack of time, secondly 
we didn't have a clear idea of what we have to do.
Extending the HTML structure to accept a BLOCKQUOTE within a MAP is not so 
But there are real issues around that:

- as a MAP can includes a BLOCKQUOTE, a BLOCKQUOTE can include AREAs. We can 
add the
BLOCKQUOTE level and it could be displayed in the "Alternate View". But what 
we have
to do with AREAs within a simple BLOCKQUOTE.

- what Amaya has to do when the user wants to create a MAP? Does it have to 
the BLOCKQUOTE? Does it have to open the "Alternate View" to encourage the 
to add text around AREAs?

- if a MAP may be associated with one or more elements (IMG, OBJECT, or INPUT),
its should have more than one position and the element which follows that MAP 
ignore the MAP existence. We know how to make the MAP overlapping ONE element 
to make the following element ignoring the MAP existence. But we don't know 
how to
overlaps more than one element. We should generate copies of the MAP and its 

- if the MAP is not associated to any element it has to be displayed as a 
and the element which follows that MAP mustn't ignore the MAP existence. It's 
very easy to express in the P language that the follwing element may ignore or 
the MAP position. For us it would be better to have a simple BLOCKQUOTE here.

> And the types menu needs to have Map as an option - but it looks like there
> are a few things I need to do to allow a MAP that is not associated with an
> image.
> (This is an accessibility requirement in particular)
> Any help would be greatly appreciated
> Charles McCN
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