Re: bug report


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> i don't know where to send a bug report, so i'll send it here.

It's the right list to send bug reports.

> PC pentium 166 with 24mo RAM - french keyboard
> Red Hat Linux ver 5.2 (default kernel)
> XFree86  with FVWM 1.2 as a window manager.
> the horizontal scroll bar don't work. it's present but it always behaves
> like the document is entirely  apparent: it fulls the hole space so i
> can't scroll.
> the vertical scroll bar works well.

It works in the release 2.3 which will be available next week.

> this pb was present in Amaya ver. 2.1 . and it has not been corrected in
> ver. 2.2. so i think it's inherent to my system configuration. so maybe
> i can correct it by changing my config.
> thank you.


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