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256/tru color on win 95

[Announcement] Amaya 2.2 public release

[Announcement] Amaya 2.4

[FYI] How to get off this list

[Moderator Action] extra paragraphs on return

[Moderator Action] RE: Java support in Amaya

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amaya 2.2

Amaya 2.2 and Windows

Amaya 2.2 for SGI

Amaya 2.3 binary for Win 98

Amaya 2.3 binary for Win 98 - long URLs

amaya 2.4 - troubles on Alpha

Amaya 2.4 for Windows

Amaya and NT servicepack 6

Amaya and Windows 95/98


Anomalous behaviour of Amaya and Jigsaw

Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines

Automating "make book"

Bad links on source distribution page

bug report

bug report or my misunderstanding

Bug? in 2.4

Building Amaya under NT

Can Amaya validate the document?

can't activate links

Can't type anything in any address field.

cannot open remote documents with Amaya 2.2 Solaris 2.5 + 2.6


color bug in Amaya 2.2 Win98 + Solaris 2.5

colors and boxes

compilation problem on DEC Alpha

Compile failure

Compiling in Win98 with Visual C++ 5.0


Disabling/enabling styles bug

display problem with HR inside H2

further on standards

Glitches browsing existing HTML

How to get floating images?

HTML parser

image problem

inappropriate field sizes in "Open document" dialog box

Inserting links

interpretation of AbRealShape

ISO-Latin 1 as default encoding

It just won't go

Just tried it.

losing attributes on table cells

Make Book directory bug?

Make Book directory bug? -

making MAP with block content

memory leak

memset compilation problem

Meta data

more on standards


multikey on Unix

naming conventions

New mailing list for Amaya

New release

new version coming !

next version

Num lock

Out-of-order <A NAME="Top"> confuses Amaya

prevent deletion of text units around form input element

problem w/ portuguese keyboard

problem with <col>

Problem with amaya v2.2 binary under AIX 4.1.4

Problems with Make Book

Probl├Ęme compiling

Question about display of a page in Amaya vs IE5


Resource leak

Some of the many bugs


strange overwrite of characters in table cells

stylesheets inconsistancy

transparent background gifs

Undo Bug


Use of Amaya

using "make book" in batch mode?

valign attribute on table row not taken into account for display

waiting for nobody's lock

WebWasher, Amaya 2.2: Proxy Problem

Which Win32 compiler?

Why does it hate me?

Win98 Amaya 2.2: Problems with select boxes

wishlist: FTP and Mailto

XFree86 3.3.5/Metrolink Motif 2.1.2 patch for Amaya 2.2

XML capabilities?

yet another problem with the <col> tag

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