display problem with HR inside H2

When the <HR> tag is inside a <H2> tag, as in the following:

<A NAME="Overview"></A>Overview</H2>

...Amaya will display the HR "stretched" vertically, and will also leave
off the first letter of the H2 text (in this case, the "O").

While I dislike this code, it seems to be consistently produced by the
VisualPage editor, which is popular with at least one other developer
here (and yes, I'm trying to get him to use Amaya!).  It also seems to
produce HRs that are "flush" to the top of the header in some browsers
(Netscape).  If the HR is outside the H2, there seems to be a gap
between the HR and the header, so it seems like it actually has some use
(although I don't know if this is according to the HTML spec).

-Adam Ambrose

Received on Wednesday, 8 December 1999 14:01:50 UTC