amaya 2.4 - troubles on Alpha

I took a closer look at amaya-2.4.  Various issues which I mentioned
in the past are still in the current sources - so I will not repeat
myself.  Still the biggest gotcha is that all '...handler.c' sources
from thotlib/image are basically broken as they all include a code
in this style:

void PngPrint (...., int fd, ....)
      fprintf((FILE *)fd,....

Surprise!  C does not guarantee that pointer will fit into int and
indeed - this happens to be the case on my Alpha, for example - so if
(FILE *) was passed to a function in 'int' we just lost a significant
chunk of it.  May work accidentally somewhere but it does not make the
code correct.  As a result (not necesarily of the particular piece of
a code above) if I try to look at some 'screenshot' in a graphic
format I am getting a blank screen and maybe a message like this one "
*** Thot: Irrecoverable error ***[1]+ Done(1)".

>From "not seen before" department I notice quite a few instances
of something like " ...if (c == _TABULATION_) ... " where 'c'
is 'char', or maybe 'int'.  The trouble is that from headers
follows that _TABULATION_ is a pointer to a string so a comparison
is not likely to evaluate to "true".

Other than that things seem to work (if one discounts occasional
complaints about "unaligned access" or crashes).


Received on Wednesday, 29 December 1999 13:22:14 UTC