HTML parser

I am trying to use the HTML parser of Amaya.
(compiled html2thot.c in STANDALONE mode).
I've parsed an HTML file into a Document.
I then try to save the document back to another HTML file using
TtaExportDocument(Document doc, char* fileName, "HTMLT");
(The last parameter is either "HTMLT" or "HTMLT.TRA".
I am sending the mail from my NT boot and my development
env is in my Linux boot and I need to reboot into Linux
to know exactly which. Anyway, I got the value by looking at
the code in HTMLSave.c file)

The resulting HTML file is nothing like the original HTML file.
It lost its TITLE  and the BODY.
What am I doing wrong here?


Received on Friday, 1 October 1999 10:37:57 UTC