Re: Just tried it.

Amaya is meant to follow the guidelines, as fast as it can be implemented
(along with a number of other things that are being impleemented by a small
and hard-working team). In the CVS version there are shortcuts for just about
everything in the linux version. I would like to do windows shortcuts too,
but I don't have a windows machine currently to find out what makes sense for

The W3C license, which is what covers Amaya, is more like a BSD license than
a GPL. But I suspect building a developer community is more a question of
people knowing about it and wanting to hack on a browser/editor that does
lots of interesting things, and about providing the necessary support for
people to work on the code.

(Note that I am not part of the Amaya development team, just an intersted
user, so my comments probably don't mean much ;-)



On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Aaron Leventhal wrote:

  Some general questions:
  - Any chance of a GPL version of Amaya? A good way to attract developers.
  - Does anyone use Amaya as their browser? I tried some complex sites and
  Amaya wasn't happy.
  - I noticed there aren't too many keyboard shortcuts. Is Amaya meant to
  follow User Agent and Authoring Tool guidelines?

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