Re: prevent deletion of text units around form input element

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> Hi,
> I think there's a need to prevent deletion of the 2 text units (previous and
> next siblings) of a form input element. Otherwise, it appears that you can
> end up in a state where you can't enter text before or after the input
> element. For example, if you totally delete the text unit or if you insert
> some elements in it like image. What is the suggested fix?

I agree with you. There are two suggested fixes:
1) Set the page in the read-only mode as soon as the user selects within a
   form input element and reset the previous mode when he/she leaves.

2) Define a specific "Thot exception" which prohibits the moving to another
   element on a backspace command and set that exception to form input 

I would try to implement the second one.

> Also, is <p> absolutely required before the input element? If not, pseudo p
> may be a better choice as the user does not see it in the code.

The DTD says that the <p> is not absolutely required, but it's cleaner to 


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