Re: strange overwrite of characters in table cells

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> Hi,
> I have a document with some table cells containing vertical text, that is,
> a sequence of characters with <br> in between each character. For some cells,
> Amaya (2.2 for solaris 2.5) displays all the characters on top of each other,
> while for other cells, the text appears correctly.
> I tried the same document with Amaya 2.2 for Win98, and I get a slightly 
> different effect, but not on the same cells: only the first character of the 
> cell is displayed.
> In both cases, the structure view is correct, i.e. it shows all the characters
> with BR elements in between.

Windows versions and Unix versions share the same code there. That could occur
when there is no explicit cast in a procedure call.
Could you send us a simple example that shows these bugs on Unix and Windows

> By the way, how do I produce a non-breakable space (&nbsp;) with amaya? I
> checked the documentation, in particular on "creating elements", but couldn't
> find anything about that.

To obtain a non-breakable space (&nbsp;) with Amaya you have to hit the Control
key with the Space key.
I add this information in the Help page Creating element.
> Thanks,
> Bertrand Ibrahim.
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