Re: Amaya 2.3 binary for Win 98

Thanks, that did it!

Now that I've uninstalled 2.2 and installed 2.3 (on a different computer),
it displays pages that were originally created in Amaya well.

The only problems I've noticed so far have been a tendency to skip an entry
or two on the history list when using the back and forward buttons, a
recurrence of a "cannot make a connection to the server" message and
consequent failure to load a few long pages on one particular server
(possibly anomalous), poor rendering of the position of table elements on
pages that I'm quite sure aren't valid HTML anyway, and a dislike of long
urls like this one - but only when they occur in a link, not when typed into
the location bar (sorry about the wrap):

bdelukta</a> <br>

If you do pull up that particular page or the homepage (obvious
URL), you'll see what I mean. Is this a standardization issue: are these
lookup urls longer than a prescribed maximum in one of the W3C standards?

Finally, it does crash a little bit, but the crashes don't seem to be
reproducible, so they're probably not bug-related. Hope some of this is
helpful.  Again, this is Win98 with (in this case) a Pentium 2.

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> In our previous episode, Patrick T. Rourke said:
> >
> > I downloaded the Win binary of 2.3 at 5:10 pm EST and it did a poor job
> > rendering text in tables - even on the startup page!  It looks like it's
> > rendering all columns as very narrow. Could this be a bug in the build,
> > do I have some kind of configuration problem?
> >
> > I installed over 2.2.
> This is a new problem. The temporary solution is to uninstall 2.2 before
> installing 2.3. Otherwise some files from 2.2 are being used with 2.3
> and this causes the problem.
> See this Amaya as a one-day pre-release. We didn't make yet an
> official announcement. Tomorrow we'll prepare a new one. I just fixed
> some problems that John Russel reported on cache and tmpdirs that have
> I encourage you and other people who have downloaded it already, and are
> willing to, to test it and report back to us. We'll try to fix any
> bugs tomorrow and do the official release.
> Thanks and we apologize for the confusion this non-announced release could
> make.

No problem.  I figured it was semi-official and that I'd missed the
announcement on the list. You've (plural) been alluding to it all week, so .
. .

> -Jose

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