>Perhaps due to my little exerience with Browsers and computers over all, It
>is not very clear to me if it is possible to use Amaya as the carrier or
>browser  for my home page.  Problem is that  I would like to show  few more
>buttons and  some how use more the space that you have on the control 
>so that any one who looks at the page would see a customezed page is it
>possible to do so? Would you please indicate some examples on how this is
>done and what language to use.
>well I was able to download amaya but the as the window was activated my
>system when down with an "ilegal operation" warning and also later with a
>warning that that the cache was used by another aplication of amaya or that
>I have indicated the wrong file in this case whas  a "temp" file on my
>desktop. could you please indicate to me where do I change or indicate the
>cache file? also in some of your examples of math you showed  some 
>and matrixes where are those? are there funtions ready to send data to a
>data base like access or to retrive data fron access, or foxpro or dbase?
>how do I do these?

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Received on Monday, 29 November 1999 03:39:55 UTC