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[Bug 4636] What should SML say about fragment identifiers?

[Bug 4637] What should we do with EPR scheme?

[Bug 4638] Conformance section needed

[Bug 4639] Allow cycle checking on element graphs as well as document graphs

[Bug 4656] support for references pointing to elements other than root elements should be

[Bug 4657] Restrict the use of deref in sml:field/@xpath for SML implementation built on top of relational databases

[Bug 4675] add text in section 5.3.3 to require that consumers and producers are required to implement at a minimum the uri scheme

[Bug 4687] Handling of DTDs when composing an IF document

[Bug 4746] clarify SMLIF section 2 signature requirements

[Bug 4755] SMLIF section 3.3.6 some fragment URI cases not covered

[Bug 4770] Decide which schema elements should be changed to global

[Bug 4772] add keyword substitution in smlerr localized messages?

[Bug 4774] definitional schema documents should be preferentially used over all other sources when validating instances

[Bug 4776] conflicts between schema and text - declare which wins

[Bug 4777] Remove requirement that anyURI and its derivations be treated as inter-document refs

[Bug 4788] Change all usages of URI to URI-reference which includes both absolute and relative forms of URIs.

[Bug 4793] Restructure section 3.4 ...

[Bug 4793] Restructure section 3.4 to follow the following 1) mapping from syntax to cannonical representation, 2) what constitutues a valid usage and 3) implications on instances.

[Bug 4811] Clarify section 6.1 regarding Schematron phases

[Bug 4819] Append to 3.3.2 \"Consumers MUST NOT interpret wsa:address \" the phrase \"or any other schemes other than uri\"

[Bug 4865] clearly doc requirements for defining a reference scheme

[Bug 4894] Clarify that acyclicity is determined polymorphically

[Bug 4978] Is smlerr:output necessary?

[Bug 4992] Object identity needs to be clarified

[Bug 4994] Portable interpretation of "locator"

[Bug 4995] Scoping of sml identity constraints (key, keyref, unique)

[Bug 5024] sml:keyref example

[Bug 5025] selectorXPathType & fieldXPathType pattern facets

[Bug 5040] Hanlding of reference constraints on different kinds of elements

[Bug 5047] Content of "dataType" in the IF schema

[Bug 5063] Inheritance of some SML reference constraints

[Bug 5064] On which component(s) are SML reference constraints specified?

[Bug 5069] Use of "reference" for reference elements vs. schemes

[Bug 5070] Requirement for validator to implement deref()

[Bug 5095] inter-document references defined inconsistently

[Bug 5098] sml section 4 Schemas text should be moved into Intro

[Bug 5099] sml section 4.1 References most text should be moved into other sections

[Bug 5102] sml uri and epr schemes - refer to them consistently

[Bug 5106] sml 4.2.2 epr scheme

[Bug 5107] sml 4.3 Constraints on References - delete redundant text

[Bug 5108] sml 4.3.1 sml:acyclic

[Bug 5110] sml sml:targetElement - sml:targetType

[Bug 5112] rule binding concept should move to sml

[Bug 5113] smlif minor editorial comments

[Bug 5117] unresolved references defined inconsistently

[Bug 5119] consolidate defs of uri and epr schemes in sml spec

[Bug 5120] smlif 3.4.2 Definition of inter-document references

[Bug 5121] smlif 3.4.3 SML reference schemes that are not SML-IF inter-document references

[Bug 5133] xpath restrictions should be removed

[Bug 5171] Confusing and contradicting sections on resolving inter-document references

[Bug 5178] interop criteria when SML compliant documents using different schema versions are exchanged

[Bug 5181] xml:base intended to replace smlif:baseURI only

[Bug 5201] Documents without aliases cannot be referenced?

[Bug 5215] SML-IF spec must make normative reference to xml schema and schematron versions that must be supported

[Bug 5239] Correct definition of ref attribute of sml:key/sml:unique

[Bug 5241] define how the SML URI scheme is resolved

[Bug 5242] define how the EPR scheme is resolved

[Bug 5243] SML - Rename Informative Reference Section to Non-Normative Reference

[Bug 5245] IF : Replace [Schematron] with [ISO/IEC 19757-3] in non-normative reference

[Bug 5247] <data> without a sub-element

[Bug 5248] What does it mean if <locator> is not resolved

[Bug 5259] Rename 'Sample Model (Non-Normative)' section to 'Model Definition Document Sample (Non-Normative)'

[Bug 5272] Can a data element contain more than one document ?

[Bug 5277] Update usage of IF 'inter-document references' in the SML spec

[Bug 5277] Update usage of to IF 'inter-document references' in the SML spec

[Bug 5283] "interchange set" or "interchange model"

[Bug 5291] Add 'Consistent Reference Schemes' section under 4.2 Reference Semantics

[Bug 5294] Add an explanation on why the smlif:dataType has processContents=skip

[Bug 5298] Consider using another term for 'URI scheme'

[w3C sml] [4637: EPR Scheme] Beginnings of a proposal on the EPR Scheme

[w3c sml] [issue 4637] EPR Scheme

[w3c sml] [minutes] 2007-11-08 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml] About Conforming Processor (was [Bug 4675] ...)

[w3c sml] Bug 4639 - cycle proposal recommendation

[w3c sml] Minutes for 2007-11-01 SML Telecon

[w3c sml] Revised proposal for 4774 schema binding

[w3c sml] XML 1.0 erratum

[w3c sml][agenda] 2007-11-01 SML

[w3c sml][agenda] 2007-11-08 SML

[w3c sml][agenda] 2007-11-12 SML

[w3c sml][agenda] 2007-11-15 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml][agenda] 2007-11-19 SML

[w3c sml][agenda] 2007-11-26bv SML

[w3c sml][agenda] 2007-11-29 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml][minutes] 2007-10-15 SML

[w3c sml][minutes] 2007-11-26 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml][minutes] 2007-11-29 SML Teleconference

[w3c sml][minutes] Minutes for 2007-11-15 SML Telecon

[w3c wml] Final review requested - Bug 4811

[w3csml] [minutes] 2007-11-12 SML

ACTION 133 - uncover usecases for the xml output format on schematron rules

ACTION 143 - Create proposal on bugzilla 4772 - add keyword substitution in smlerr localized messages?

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New XPointer scheme for SML

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Regrets 2007-11-01 SML

Regrets 2007-11-15 SML

regrets for the 11/08 teleconference

Section 4.2.2 SML EPR Reference Scheme

SMLIF inter-document reference proposal

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