[Bug 4992] Object identity needs to be clarified


------- Comment #3 from james.lynn@hp.com  2007-11-06 01:47 -------
The actual text in the spec says "When a scheme or multiple schemes in a
reference resolve to more than one target then the model is declared invalid."
While the original author may not have intended this to allow for the cases
where one or more schemes is not resolveable, it fits with that interpretation. 
In view of the discussions at the F2F and Sandy's comment below, I propose that
we take the existing wording and strengthen it by addin something like "If the
resolution of the reference results in multiple targets and the target elements
are not the same then the model is declared invalid." Optionally, we could also
add that how a validator detarmines this is implementation defined.

Received on Tuesday, 6 November 2007 01:47:49 UTC