[Bug 4992] Object identity needs to be clarified


------- Comment #4 from virginia.smith@hp.com  2007-11-07 23:34 -------
There are 2 different scenarios here and I think we have to address each

1 - A (one) scheme resolves to more that one target (i.e., the target nodeset
consists of >1 node). This is clearly invalid.

2 - Two schemes in the same SML reference each resolve to a valid target
(single node). If the 2 targets are not the same, then the model is invalid.
However, it is not so easy to determine if the 2 targets are the same or not.
Sandy and MSM discussed one proposal during the Oct 16 meeting which I'll try
to recap here:

a. String-compare the uri path part. If the paths are the same, then xpath can
tell us if the fragments are the same. If the fragments are not the same, the
targets are not the same. If the paths are not the same, validators can stop
here and say the targets are not the same. 
b. Optionally, if the paths are not the same, validators are free to implement
further tests for equality if they choose.
c. If all optional tests do not prove equivalence, then the targets are not the

This applies to URIs. What do we say about EPRs? new schemes?

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